Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jack's Playground 3

Jack's Playground is a collection of Jack's personal videos, homemade in Santa Monica, California showcasing his uncanny ability to persuade girls to perform sexual acts in front of his camera. As soon as Robby D saw a few video clips of real girls so thirsty for fame, they'd do anything, he immediately began working with Jack to format these video documentaries for public consumption.


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  2. Sorry for my late reply, i contacted you in January on your blog and asked you if we can share some rare things about jessica jaymes. I'm currently searching a solo video called "playingbythepool". I send you a couple of pictures contained in the attached annex, so you can identify the video in question. (Your mail is, right?) I have some Peach-Ultra-Vixens videos, solo, girl-girl and boy-girl, especially in the early jessica jaymes era. If you're still searching for something, just tell me, I have maybe what you are searching for.

    In my case, this is what i'm looking for :